Board of Commissioners

The Housing Authority of the City of Chester Board of Commissioners is a seven (7) member board appointed by the Chester City Council.  At least one (1) member must be a resident of assisted (low income) housing.

Commissioners serve staggering terms and, as the governing body, set policies governing the operations of the Authority and charting the direction of current and future programs. Commissioners ensure that the Authority operates within the law and according to HUD regulation. Board action is affected by adoption of resolutions approving or authorizing the Executive Director or his designee to implement policy and/or conduct business.

Listed below are the members of the Housing Authority of the City of Chester Board of Commissioners:

  • Tammy Smith, Chairperson
  • Samantha Simmons Gaither, Vice Chair
  • Linda Smith
  • Sharon Feaster
  • William Lyons
  • Charlie Hopkins
  • Hilary Cunningham